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bwin娱乐软件下载早就明白私人贷款可能给学生带来的负担, 他们的家庭, 以及他们未来的成功.

这就是为什么我们引入 Lackawanna Shares Income Share Agreement (ISA) as an innovative option to help make school more affordable for our students. 目前,isa可用于 qualified students in select majors that meet the College’s GPA requirements.

This isn’t a grant or a traditional loan, even though students will make payments after they graduate 和 secure employment.

It’s an opportunity to complete your education without worrying about interest rates or decades of student loan payments.

Providing a Potentially Less Expensive Option

对于需要额外资金的学生来说,拉克万纳股份是一种潜在的更便宜的融资选择,而不是私人和家长PLUS贷款. ISAs provide some consumer protections that other forms of financing may not.



How Long Does it Take to Pay Back 一个ISA?

The st和ard payment period for the Lackawanna Shares ISA agreement is 大约5年, making it much shorter than most federal 和 private loan terms. 此外,所有学生在毕业后开始付款前都有6个月的宽限期. Once a recipient makes successful payments for the prescribed term of the contract, 不需要额外付款 even if they have paid less than the amount of funding they received.

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一般来说, 收入分成协议, 或ISA, 是否有一种合同协议,学生在协议中获得教育资助,以换取在规定的年限内分享他们毕业后收入的商定百分比.


bwin娱乐软件下载提供收入分享协议,以对抗学生贷款债务, 和 challenge the status quo of the education industry. 通过提供ISA, 对于那些可能无法获得其他形式资助的人来说,高质量的教育变得更容易获得,并降低了学生接受教育的风险.

Is the Lackawanna Shares ISA meant to replace student loans?

The ISA helps support the cost of tuition for multiple specialty degree 项目, 但不包括学生在教育过程中发生的其他费用, 像交通, 生活费用, or personal study materials such as notebooks, 移动PC, 等. An ISA is meant to replace private student loans with respect to tuition only.


ISAs offer students an alternative to traditional debt, 如果学生在课程期间和之后无法支付学费,这会给他们带来巨大的风险, 因此,ISA付款根据收入水平进行调整,并在项目完成后开始. 除了, the ISA program includes many consumer protections, 包括如果学生的收入低于每月的门槛,延迟或推迟付款的能力.

Am I required to fully pay the money that was given to me under the ISA?

ISA接受者只需要在合同规定的期限内支付商定的完成后收入的百分比, 不管他们最终支付的是比之前收到的多还是少. 而那些挣得比同龄人多的人将永远不必支付超过支付上限的金额.


ISA payments are only in months in which a student’s income is at or above $1,666.67, equivalent to an annual 工资 of $20,000. 每月的付款将作为ISA参与者每月收入的一部分,为期60个月, 或者直到达到学费上限, 以先发生者为准. 支付ISA所需的月收入的百分比将取决于他们最初收到的资金数额, 除其他因素外. All terms are disclosed with the student before they complete their ISA.

What happens if my income falls below $1,666.每月67元?


  • has enrolled at least full-time in higher education or training;
  • 收入少于或等于1,666美元.66/month (equivalent to $20,000/year);
  • 是失业;
  • 或者不在劳动大军中.

We may extend the payment term by one month for each month of deferment, up to an additional twenty-four (24) months.


如果您希望在付款期限届满前履行本ISA项下的义务, you may at any time pay an amount equal to the payment cap, less any monthly payments you have already made, 加上任何未付费用, as satisfaction-in-full of your payment obligations under this agreement. 除了, 您在本协议项下所欠的付款总额将不超过付款上限, plus fees described in the disclosures, 不管你的收入如何. A prepayment option is available for consumer convenience, 但对于提前还清ISA的学生来说,没有任何经济或其他好处.


An ISA is not a loan 和 is not subject to interest expense. 除了学费之外, 学生可能产生的唯一额外费用是逾期付款(不超过5美元)或退回付款/支票费(25美元)。.


总付款金额上限为您收到的前期资金的两(2)倍, even if you earn a high income after graduation. 这可能会给那些收入最高的学生带来风险,而且可能比申请有息学生贷款更昂贵. 您面临的唯一其他风险是,如果您没有履行提供最新收入信息的义务或根据该收入付款. 如果发生这种情况,您的帐户将成为拖欠,并可能最终进入违约.


ISA支付总额的上限是你收到的前期资金或信贷的两(2)倍, plus any fees that are assessed associated with late or returned payments. A student will not make payments after reaching their cap, even if they’ve made less than 60 monthly payments.

Following graduation, when does the Lackawanna ISA payment plan take effect?

Upon completing or exiting the program, 学生有6个月的宽限期来找工作并适应自己的职业生涯. Payment will begin on the first day of the month following the 6-month grace period.


每月的付款是通过将你的收入份额与你的月总收入相比较来计算的, 和 that amount is sent to you in a monthly bill. Your earned income includes two things:

  • 你的工资, 工资, 提示, 以及您在IRS纳税表1040第7行或IRS纳税表1040- ez第1行报告的所有其他收入, 和
  • your business income that you report on line 12 of IRS tax form 1040.

You can then pay online or with a check. 如果你重返学校、失业或月收入低于1666美元,还款将暂停.67, which is equivalent to $20,000 per year.


在确定您的资格之后, you will sign 收入分成协议, which includes a disclosure 和 additional contract terms 和 explanations. 上课时间, you will also receive a final disclosure, but it is only a reminder of the primary contract terms, 而且你不需要签名.



Which Lackawanna students will be eligible to apply for 一个ISA?

该项目目前只面向全日制注册并持有2个学位的学生.5 GPA 和 have already earned at least 12 credits in the following degree 项目:

Bachelor’s Degrees (Third-和 Fourth-Year Students only)


What factors should students consider when applying for financial assistance, 一个ISA, 或者教育贷款项目?


How can Lackawanna students apply for 一个ISA or get more information?

欲了解更多信息,请通过电话联系bwin娱乐软件下载财政援助办公室 (570) 961-7859.

What happens if I drop from the program?

If a student drops, they’ll be subject to our current fee schedule for drops. 课程第一周后的提款费用将根据提款日期按比例计算,金额如下, 根据 学院现有的退款政策:

Fall 和 Spring Semesters (Day, Evening, 和 在线 Classes)

  • Until the end of the second week of scheduled classes: 100%
  • Until the end of the third week of scheduled classes: 75%
  • Until the end of the fourth week of scheduled classes: 50%
  • After the fourth week of scheduled classes: No refund

暑期班 和 Intersession (Day, Evening, 和 在线 Classes)

  • Prior to the start of scheduled classes: 100%
  • After the start of scheduled classes: No refund